Nathan Banz

Lord Marshal Paladin of Westridge


Nathan Banz – Human Male Paladin – Lawful Good

Str 16; Con 12; Dex 11; Int 10; Wis 13; Cha 15

Weapon of Choice: Greatsword


Nate is a marshal based out of the Noremish county of Churchland, and residing in Junction City. His jurisdiction covers the entire expanse of Westridge, as it is technically part of the Churchland territory. His badge gives him the power to make arrests, detain criminals, and deputize eligible candidates.
Nate is the undisputed leader of the party. A simple man from a humble background, he did not have the opportunity of a traditional education growing up, thus his views on the law are more based on right-vs. -wrong than the letter of the law. What he lacks in book knowledge he makes up for with a commanding presence. He typically doesn’t have to draw his weapon to deal with most criminals. A stern look and a few words are usually what it takes to get the job done.
Nate is a follower of Bahumut, which to him is a symbol of justice and righteousness. He is also engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Nadine. He is saving up his wages for a dowry.

Nathan Banz

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