Player Characters

The Dustdevils

Nathan Banz – Human Male Paladin – Lawful Good
Str 16; Con 12; Dex 11; Int 10; Wis 13; Cha 15
Weapon of Choice: Greatsword

Nathan Banz

Nate is a marshal based out of the Noremish county of Churchland, and residing in Junction City. His jurisdiction covers the entire expanse of Westridge, as it is technically part of the Churchland territory. His badge gives him the power to make arrests, detain criminals, and deputize eligible candidates.

Nate is the undisputed leader of the party. A simple man from a humble background, he did not have the opportunity of a traditional education growing up, thus his views on the law are more based on right-vs. -wrong than the letter of the law. What he lacks in book knowledge he makes up for with a commanding presence. He typically doesn’t have to draw his weapon to deal with most criminals. A stern look and a few words are usually wh* at it takes to get the job done.

Nate is a follower of Bahumut, which to him is * a symbol of justice and righteousness. He is also engaged to his childhood sweetheart, Nadine. He is saving up his wages for a dowry.

Sall Toliver – Eladrin Male Rouge – Unaligned
Str 14; Con 13; Dex 15; Int 15; Wis 13; Cha 13
Weapon of Choice: Snub-Nose Revolver Pistol

Sall Toliver

Raised in the cruel streets of Junction City, Sall’s ties to the Feywild are all but severed. Orphaned as a child, Sall was sold on the back market to a sect of the Low E’s, a violent band of half-elven thieves. He was raised as one of them and spent much of his younger years in and out of Jail. During one of the Low E’s raids in the barrios of Junction, he was arrested one final time. Here his arresting officer, Nate Bantz, offered him a better life and deputized him. The condition was if he ever got out of line he would go right back to Jail.

Sall is a schemer, looking for the opportune moment to cut and run, freeing himself of his obligation to Nate. For the moment, the arrangement has been financially profitable for him so he hasn’t required too much supervision. All won’t leave unless he’s sure he can get away scot-free.

Morthos – Tiefling Male Cleric – Unaligned
Str 15; Con 14; Dex 13; Int 14; Wis 12; Cha 13
Weapon of Choice: Sickle


Morthos grew up in the barrios deep in the bowels of Junction City, where the sun is rarely seen. Having grown up poor, Morthos has had a hard life. He has witnessed far more death than seems reasonable. He’s seen death in many forms and has come to see it as a source of comfort. He has taken to worshiping the Raven Queen. As a death priest, his primary responsibility is to help the dying cross over into the after-life and oppose the forces of the undead.

Morthos found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. When his barrio was besieged by the Low E’s, he rose up to ward off the attackers. In the chaos, the authorities mistook him for one of the troublemakers. Junction City law enforcement is not know for their understanding, or their willingness to listen, so he was rounded up with the criminals and subject to the same fate. One of the hooligans, Sall Tolliver, was transferred to the custody of Marshal Nate Banz, who realized that Morthos was on the up and up. Nate offered him the position of Deputy, and Morthos was able to finally able to work his way out of poverty. Now Morthos uses his newfound status to carry on his holy works, in the name of the Raven Queen.

Kameloe – Dragonborn Male Wizard – Unaligned
Str 12; Con 10; Dex 14; Int 18; Wis 11; Cha 10
Weapon of Choice: Steam powered wand
Breath Weapon: Acid


Kameloe was born in eastern Evermont just outside of Parliament City. His family was well-to-do and were heavily involved in Evermontian politics. Kameloe took no such interest, but was very interested in other cerebral pursuits. His family fit the bill for him to attend the Arcane University of Parliament City. There, he often found himself at odds with his instructors, particularly his invocations instructor, Professor Androth.

Kameloe is the kind of person that always has to show how much smarter he is than everybody else. He’s not trying to be callous or rude. He just honestly believes that he is and that you should know it too. This is how his enmity with Prof. Androth began. Androth would never admit that one of his students knew more than he did. So it came down to a magic contest. The long and short of it was that Androth lost in a very embarrassing way. Kameloe’s antics caused him to be expelled just a few days prior to graduation.

He left Parliament City and went as far away as he could get from his old life. He found himself in Westridge. Naturally, being of an urban mind set, he gravitated to Junction City, where he met up with a pen-pal from his youth. It was Nathan Banz. It was him who convinced him to start a new career in law enforcement.

Broxigar – Half-Orc Male Fighter – Unaligned
Str 18; Con 14; Dex 14; Int 8; Wis 11; Cha 14
Weapon of Choice: Great Axe


Growing up in the caverns of Ice Wall was difficult for Broxigar. Mostly it’s because he’s not a dwarf. He’s a Half-Orc. He spent the majority of his childhood in hiding, until the day that She came. She wasn’t kind, and was not a surrogate mother. She was an orc female that was ready to take action against the “Invaders”. It was her belief that the ice caves belonged rightfully to the orcs. She trained him to fight and to survive. She tried to teach him to hate dwarves, but somehow that lesson didn’t sink in all the way.

Eventually she planned a coup against the dwarves. Broxigar was to spear-head the attack. The dwarves had apparently planned for the contingency, and Broxigar encountered an exploding trap right away. Broxigar was blown out of the cave and down the cliff of Ice Wall. Now ejected from his home, with no way to return, Broxigar set out to join normal society.

A dwarf initially hired him, ironically. The dwarf was well to do and insisted that Broxigar gain the benefit of an education. Soon after, he took work from a land baron in Bullworth county. He left this position recently to start freelance adventuring under the leadership of Nate Banz.

Rusty Goldbrick – Human Male Fighter – Good
Str 19; Con 13; Dex 11; Int 10; Wis 12; Cha 12
Weapon of Choice: Longsword and Shield


Rusty Goldbrick lived an average life in an average family in Porton. He was always a little high-strung and got into many fights when growing up. His father saw it necissary to put him in ROTC training at an early age. There he learned the dosapline he would need to pass the basic training program.

After graduating with honors, Rusty was deployed to Fort Quartermaster, located in a remote part of Westridge. While in transit, he encountered Nate’s Dustdevils, and assisted them with thwarting a train robbery. Since that time ha has gone AWOL, never having arrived at his active duty station. He prefers to spend his time helping out the Dustdevils in their adventures. His scrappy nature, coupled with his youth are bound to get him in serious trouble one day.

Ezekiel Cain – Human Male Psion – Unaligned
Str 10; Con 12; Dex 8; Int 18; Wis 12; Cha 16
Weapon of Choice: Lion headed cane


Born to an upper-middle class family, benefiting at a young age from a classic education, but suffering from sickness and epilepsy that he finally grew out of at the age of 9, Ezekiel Cain grew up to work for Norem Railways as one of their troubleshooters. Perhaps he could have made it into higher management there, but the sickness in his youth had left a mark on him, leaving him sallow, cold, and foreboding.

Back East he gained a reputation for getting what he wanted out of the railways more difficult opponents, always seeming to finagle just what Norem Railways needed. Whispers flew around the company about Mr. Cain’s stare, how he could get into your head, and make things go his way. It wasn’t long before Norem Railways couldn’t get a single soul to work with the cold calculating Mr. Cain. And so they sent him out to Westridge to keep him finessing their problems away out West where he wouldn’t frighten the good souls of Norem Railways proper.

It’s here that Mr. Cain found a lucrative use for his unique talents, working for the Gold Standard, a group that was more appreciative of his unique talents. With the G.S. he specializes in “conflict resolution”, “human resources”, and “creative problem solving” to ensure G.S. activities run smoothly in Westridge, while still paying lip service to the few, more lighthearted, Nor-Western Rail jobs that come his way.

Player Characters

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