Welcome to Westridge, where Fantasy clashes with the Old West. Westridge is a region of a greater fantasy world that’s development mirrors that of the times of the North American West of the late 1800’s. The citizens fight to survive in an untamed world, inhabited by magical beings, hostile creatures, and an indigenous people, unwilling to tolerate the pioneers that have invaded their homeland. The land itself is wild and lush, teaming with riches yet to be discovered. There are many obstacles that stand in the way of plundering them, however. It will be up to you to overcome those obstacles, or choose to protect the land from invaders and those who choose to exploit it.

Two hundred years ago, the people of Norem set out west hoping to explore the lands beyond a jagged mountain ridge that up until then, was considered impassible. Once there, trading began with the inhabitants of the land. Many of the tribes seemed to have no sense of ownership, and thus were largely taken advantage of by the Norimish people and their then rulers, the Kingdom of Evermont. Now that they have won their independence, the Norimish push their way West in search of the one thing they desire most: Gold.